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About TEDC

As a Texas Type A Economic Development Corporation, Taylor EDC has limitation of the kinds of businesses and projects it can assist. Most Type A projects must create or retain primary jobs, with some exceptions. A primary job is defined as one that is (1) available at a company for which a majority of the products or services of that company are ultimately exported to regional, statewide, national, or international markets, infusing new dollars into the local economy; and (2) included in one of the sectors of the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) identified by legislation (shown below):

111 Crop Production
112 Animal Production
113 Forestry and Logging
11411 Commercial Fishing
115 Support Activities for Agriculture and Forestry
211 to 213 Mining
221 Utilities
311 to 330 Manufacturing
42 Wholesale Trade
48 and 49 Transportation and Warehousing
51 Information, excluding movie theaters (51213) and drive-in theaters (512132)
523 to 525 Securities, Commodity Contracts, and Other Financial Investments and Related Activities, Insurance Carriers, Related Activities, Funds, Trusts, and Other Financial Vehicles
5413,5415,5416,5417, and 5419 Scientific Research and Development Services
551 Management of Companies and Enterprises
56142 Telephone Call Centers
922140 Correctional Institutions
928110 National Security

Identifying all primary businesses in a community is always a work in progress. The current list of primary businesses within Taylor's ETJ shows 77 primary business. This list, however, may change periodically as businesses come and go and/or change their focus to a NAICS code that is not on the approved list. To provide additional information, make additons, deletions or corrections, please contact mark.thomas@tayloredc.org at the Taylor EDC office.

For additional information, see the Texas Economic Development Council's Primer for Local Officials.



Taylor EDC works cooperatively with all municipal units and other public entities to best promote and advance the City of Taylor and the Taylor community. We also partner with regional and State entities to best attract and serve existing and prospective businesses and to develop the local workforce as well as to promote the community.

We invite you to visit our partners’ websites to learn how they help us help you.

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